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Avoid these Common Mistakes
when signing Physician Employment Contract

Many times young Physicians are graduating from their residency or fellowship and get their physician employment offer from a medical practice group or hospital. After a long search for work and beating out their competition, Physicians can be so overly excited that they received an offer of employment that they do not even stop to think that they should have an experienced and knowledgeable physician employment contract attorney review their physician employment contract.

Unfortunately, too often, the Physician just signs on the dotted line. The young Physician thinks "oh, I am getting the salary I want... the rest is all just details..." That is a BIG MISTAKE! What these Physicians do not realize is that these details will affect them for the next few years of their life, if not more. And they Should NOT BE ignored!

The First and foremost is that whatever the potential employer promises you, should be in the contract. Did the employer promise you that they will give you as much time off as you need to study for your boards and exams and that they will pay for the exams, travel and related expense? Is this is your contract? If not, and the contract makes no mention of these promises, then that is a problem and you most likely will not get that promised benefit when the time comes.

For example: Restrictive Covenants (do not compete clause); and Medical Malpractice Insurance.

If a Do Not Compete Clause exists in the physician employment contract, then the Physician should completely understand its terms and make sure that it is reasonable. A Do Not Compete Clause is restricting the Physician a certain amount of distance for a certain period of time to where the Physician can work after the current employment terminates. If a Physician signs such a restrictive covenant, it is enforceable and they will not be able to accept another offer of employment within those restrictive parameters. This will obviously affect the Physician's life and future employment options.

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