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Why Physicians need Employment Contract Review?

You need an attorney that is knowledgeable specifically in Physician Employment Contracts because these contracts are very different from any other type of contract. Physician employment contracts have very specific clauses that apply only in the medical field.

In addition to salary, calling schedule, insurance, termination, and many other clauses, certain clauses are of utmost importance. For example: Restrictive Covenants (do not compete clause); and Medical Malpractice Insurance. You want to make sure that if there is a do not compete clause that you completely understand its terms and make sure that it is reasonable.

As for malpractice insurance, believe it or not, you may not be getting the coverage you think you are. There are different types of malpractice policies and I can explain them to you and which one you want and need!

I review every single paragraph and clause with you and explain everything in detail and I also advise you what is reasonable and what is not. I advise you the items that should be included in your contract if they were excluded and what should be negotiated.

These details will affect you for the next few years of your life. Do not ignore them!

Often medical groups and hospitals structure the contract that is beneficial to them but does not include or specify items that are beneficial to you, the Physician. Most Physicians may have no idea what they are entitled to or should receive.

The Law Office of Lana Yamnizki spends as much time discussing the contract with you as necessary.

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