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Congratulations! Did you receive an offer of employment from a medical practice group or Hospital? If so, it is in your best interest to have an attorney specializing in and knowledgeable in Physician Employment Contracts to review your employment contract before you sign it.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Lana Yamnizki, have experience in these special types of contracts. We review the Physician's offer and contract that the Physician receives from the medical practice group or hospital, in detail and explain every clause in the Physician Employment Contract to the Physician.

The Physician needs to be well aware of all of the contract's terms and conditions and have a good understanding for what the Physician is signing up for. At the Law Office of Lana Yamnizki, we will explain the specific clauses and advise the Physician on the contract clauses and advise the Physician as to what pertinent items have been omitted and should be included in the Physician's employment contract. What has been omitted is just as important as what is actually enumerated in the Physician employment contract.

Often medical groups and hospitals structure the contract that is beneficial to them but does not include or specify items that are beneficial to you, the Physician. Most Physicians may have no idea what they are entitled to or should receive. The Law Office of Lana Yamnizki spends as much time discussing the contract with you as necessary.

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